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28 March

Have you tried restarting it: a love letter to my support teams

Let’s start with IT

We’re lying about 50% of the time we say we rebooted. What we really mean is “We don’t have time to deal with this, please halp.” And also “Find me because I need you, but I can’t actually make any time for you.” Thank you for not telling everyone what I google. And thank you for continuing to unlock my computer each time I let my password expire.

Literally nothing is possible without you.

Thank you, Facilities

Cheese. You got it and we want it. Without your diligent delivery of all our favorite snacks and a never-ending river of carbonation, my pants might not be pushed to the limits daily. Marianos thinks it’s a deal to sell La Croix for $4 a case? We’ve got Jorge keeping our flavor rotation fresh, so we can drink that weird water for free. Then there’s the packages. Legends would have it that someone once had a mattress delivered to work. And let’s not forget about the routine maintenance of our work spaces. Remember when I kept making you bring me a new lamp because I insisted it was broken, and you asked it if it could be the bulb, and I said no, and then it was the bulb? Thanks.

Your job is never done—seriously an ice machine is malfunctioning somewhere right now.

Office Management aka Promo Planners, Morale Masters, VPs of Vibe

I’m not sure what your correct title is but you make the good times great. You make the bad times great too…starting to think every situation gets a lot better with powdered sugar and alcohol. It can be easy to forget that happy hours, holiday contests, and office-yoga don’t just happen by themselves. You’re the wizards behind the AT curtain. You bring us sundaes when skies are grey. Even though we can be a handful with common retorts like:

– Why doesn’t this free breakfast look the way I imagined?

– You gave me milk but what about skim? Almond? Coconut? Oh, it’s coming? Ok fine.

– I removed this wall so I could get to the printer faster. Yes, I know it’s a fire hazard.

If we were a family you’d be the mom. Always putting us first, never getting the recognition you deserve. So, I’ll speak for all ~300 of your children—thanks for everything.

But seriously

We wouldn’t be the agency we are today without your help. The work your teams contribute empower us to forget about the day to day and focus solely on clients and creative. Thanks to all of you for the work that you do.

About the Author

Tarah is a content strategist and copy supervisor at AbelsonTaylor. She’s a Chicago native and Columbia College grad with unwavering passion for the Cubs, copy, and cats. Tarah has spent the last 8 years crafting a consumer voice in the health & wellness space with a focus on digital communications.