About AbelsonTaylorWe’re built for great work

It’s just the way we think

Always Independent

Being Independent means there is no holding company controlling our decisions. We get to do whatever we want. Or whatever Dale wants, which just so happens to be whatever is in the best interests of our clients.


Health and wellness only

There’s no b-team here dreaming of a beer account. Health and wellness is what we’ve always done because it’s what we love.

Time for fun

Advertising is a demanding industry, so we think it’s important to balance that by having some fun. Don't be surprised if a pop-up breakfast stand shows up next to your desk. Breakfast is fun!


Cross-collaborative ideas

We’ve got it all. 14 departments across all areas of expertise. They share ideas, argue, make the work better, argue again, hug it out, and create great work as a team.

Love of science, art and data

No really, we do. Call it nerdy, but we love what happens when creativity mixes with science.


Growth for everyone

For the agency to grow, our people need to grow. We focus on making sure each employee has the fuel they need to continue growing their career.

We've got emotion down to a science

At AT, we're not just inspired by science–we feel the data.