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We are an agency full of doers, thinkers, and creators, each with a distinct perspective. Whatever the work and regardless of channel, we assemble the ideal mix of expertise to meet your brand’s needs.

Account and Project Management
  • Campaign Development
  • Product Launches (54 and counting!)
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Message Development
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media
  • CRM
  • Broadcast/Video
  • Patient Materials
  • Core Sales Aids
  • Convention Promotion
Amanda Sletta
Amanda Sletta
Senior Project Manager / West Wing Aficionado
“When I started at AT I had no idea that I had found more than a job; I found a career that I am passionate about, and a group of people that I genuinely enjoy working with.”

The departments (and minds) that bring it all together

Dale Taylor, CEO AbelsonTaylor advertising agency Chicago
President & CEO
Dale Taylor

Dale's the man with his name on the door, because in 1981, he got fed up with working for jerks. Since then, he’s guided us to become the largest independent health and wellness advertising agency in the world.

Keith Stenlund, CFO accounting and finance, advertising agency Chicago
Accounting & Finance
Keith Stenlund
EVP, Chief Financial Officer

This team is more than calculators and spreadsheets. They build cost structures that keep the agency competitive in a crowded industry, partnering with our clients to negotiate rates that benefit everyone.

Inbal Pawlowski, account planning and strategy, advertising agency Chicago
Account Planning & Strategy
Inbal Pawlowski
Senior Director

The heart and soul behind the brand, the Planning team uncovers the meaningful moments to tap for the patient, the physician, and ultimately the brand. They discover the insights that spark strategies and propel great creative.

Jeff Berg, client services and account management, advertising agency Chicago
Client Services
Jeff Berg
EVP, Director

Our Client Services team focuses on building strong and trusted relationships with our clients. They serve as the client’s voice within the agency and spearhead the creation of innovative brand strategies.

Mitch Apley, broadcast and print production, advertising agency Chicago
Broadcast and Print Production
Mitch Apley
VP, Director

Great ideas are nothing without great execution. Our Broadcast and Production team brings their unique expertise to a full spectrum of channels, including broadcast, animation, print, and audio. They amplify our creativity, moving ideas from good to breakthrough.

Jay Carter, business development, advertising agency Chicago
Business Development
Jay Carter, RPh
EVP, Director

These people are the collective brains behind the strategy; a powerful group that unleashes a brand’s possibilities in record time. If you’re interested in how we can do that for your brand, let’s talk!

Colleen Loughney, clinical information services, advertising agency Chicago
Clinical Information Services
Colleen Loughney, PharmD,

Feeling the Data wouldn’t be possible without our Clinical Information Services department. This team of PharmDs is dedicated to helping the agency understand the science and discover the human story hidden within the data.

Stephen Neale, creative services, advertising agency Chicago
Creative Services
Stephen Neale
EVP, Chief Creative Officer

True creativity has been our sole focus for over 35 years. We’ve used that creativity to translate science and data into emotional stories and inspiring ideas. We believe creativity has the power to motivate action and change lives.

Lynnette Hunter, engagement strategy and analytics, advertising agency Chicago
Engagement Strategy and Analytics
Lynnette Hunter

Engagement Strategy asks a lot of questions and uncovers a lot of answers. They dig through the analytics to uncover hidden insights and behaviors. This fuels an ecosystem that moves beyond a surround sound approach, creating a connected brand experience that works smarter, not harder.

Tristen George, experience design, advertising agency Chicago
Experience Design
Tristen George
SVP, Director

It’s a new age and marketing has moved beyond simply message exposure. it’s about designing connected experiences that integrate your brand into the lives of your customers. The ExD team focuses on creating human-centered experiences that resonate, connect, and motivate customers to take action.

Beth Carik, human resources, advertising agency Chicago
Human Resources
Beth Carik

The HR Team is passionate about championing creativity. That means establishing a work environment that nurtures creativity and empowering professional and personal growth for every member of our staff.

Amer Ghafari, information technology, advertising agency Chicago
Information Technology
Amer Ghafari
VP, Director

Our IT team is on top of it. Not just technical support, but also introducing cutting-edge technology that keeps the agency running smoothly. They’re an important part of getting the best work out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jeanine Koch, project management, advertising agency Chicago
Project Management
Jeanine Koch Clarke
SVP, Director

The Project Management team are the ringleaders of the agency. They manage the scope and workflow of everything we do, making sure that each project comes in on time and on budget.

Brendan Turner, technology and innovation, advertising agency Chicago
Technology and Innovation
Brendan Turner
VP, Director

Building on a foundation of the latest technologies, these engineering minds devise end-to-end innovations that are fueled by creativity. With an eye on today and tomorrow, they create high-impact experiences built on data systems for today’s complex marketing strategies.