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Gold, silver, bronze. CLIOs, Mannys, Globals. AbelsonTaylor can polish precious metal with any health and wellness agency. Some people will tell you that creating quality work is reward enough. We won’t. Awards do more than overflow our trophy case. They validate the marketing results our clients enjoy. And they congratulate our employees for a job well done.

Throughout the years, we’ve won hundreds of professional and consumer advertising awards. Here are a few you’ll find sitting around our offices.


OUR WORK / WORKAlways memorable.
Not always medical.

Our heritage is medical. Yet, our work is distinctly AbelsonTaylor. Maybe that’s because we’ve never been bogged down by the traditional formula that every health and wellness ad has to show happy, smiling patients. Instead, we take the science behind these products, blend it with people’s natural desire to live healthy lives, and apply the big bold ideas seen in consumer branding. The result is some of the most memorable branding the medical advertising industry has ever seen. Now available in consumer, diagnostic, digital…

OUR WORK / EXPERIENCESome brands we launch, others we just help take off.

Some brands are lucky enough to have AbelsonTaylor from their inception. Some, we give a boost later on. Newborns and nutrition. Prescription and DTC. Devices and diagnostics. If you work at AT, you have the opportunity to work in all areas of health and wellness. Or if you’re in health and wellness, chances are your brand could benefit from our work.


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