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At AbelsonTaylor, we’ve been dreaming up imaginative ways for healthcare brands to reach their audiences for more than 40 years. Our full category list is focused on four core areas of business:


We speak science, so we can talk to HCPs about the data on a level that drives their decisions.


Don't speak science? That's OK–the emotion we pull out of data cuts across barriers and gets to the human story.

Direct to

It's a noisy world, and healthcare is complicated. We create campaigns that break through with clarity so the message is heard.


We position brands to make an impact when entering the market. This gives them the right momentum to carry deep into their lifecycles.

Expanding our expertise

As science and technology progress, so do our areas of healthcare specialization.

Rare diseases

There are unique challenges when working in rare disease. We’ve overcome them on 31 rare disease brands, including the blockbuster Soliris, giving us in‑depth experience to help patients and HCPs manage their complex conditions.


Over the years we’ve worked on 32 oncology brands, including the first therapeutic antibody agent for cancer and the first product driven by a companion diagnostic. And as science advances, so does our excitement, having already worked with 2 immuno‑oncology brands.

Medical devices

As technology advances, so do the opportunities for better health outcomes. This exciting area is growing and so is our commitment to being part of the next big advancement.

Over the counter

Healthcare decisions are complex and OTC products are no exception. At AT, we leverage our extensive background in healthcare decision making to help brands identify hidden vulnerabilities and the motivations that drive purchases.

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