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Beat the Pandemic: Virtual Hack Event

25 March 2020   |   Mitch Apley

Covid19 has become part of our shared, new reality. Even my Republican father and I can agree on that fact. Social distancing, the battle for toilet paper, and learning to love canned food again fall into the list of things we wish we no longer had to hear about.

What can we do about it? Well, thanks to the efforts of some of our long-time friends, such as Freddy Nguyen, associated with MIT, we are raising awareness about a Coronavirus focused series of medical hackathons. The MIT Covid19 Challenge starts on April 3rd and goes through the 5th.

A 48-hour virtual event designed to get to the heart of the issues, this hackathon will have the same goals as others, but with much more immediate need. Namely, using design thinking to identify actual problems, generate solutions, including proof of concepts, prototypes, and preliminary visions for their execution. We encourage any of our clients and associates to participate if you have any interest.

We have also seen efforts in the EU in the same vein already happening. With a series of challenges coming from Garage 48 and its organizer Ragnar Sass, who is also involved in Salto Growth Camp. They are another group working to find solutions to the problems of the pandemic.

We will be participating as much as we have time for between client work and, of course, all virtually. Look for updates here as the efforts to contain and understand this outbreak continues. Please stay safe and healthy, everyone.

For more information and to apply as a participant, please visit their website.

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