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Our Work With Heifer International Continues in Tanzania

3 May 2018   |   Kristen McGirk

AbelsonTaylor’s commitment to health and wellness extends beyond the work we do for our clients–it’s also our focus in how we give back to our communities, whether it be local or global.  One of our most significant and longest-running partnerships is with Heifer International, and we are now in year 2 of our latest project with them–The East African Dairy Development (EADD) program. The EADD aims to help small-scale farmers increase their milk production and their incomes, helping lift them out of poverty.

How are we helping?

We are working on creating a campaign that will increase awareness of and educate on the benefits of processed milk (as opposed to raw milk, which is a more common choice at the moment). A few of my colleagues and I just returned from a research-gathering trip to Tanzania, where we spent time helping Heifer figure out how to create demand for the processed milk these farmers produce.

We conducted market research with middle/upper income Tanzanian moms who—as it turns out—are like moms all over the world. They want to give their children a better life than they’ve had and are willing to spend money on the products and services that will help them get there. They understand the role nutrition plays in overall health and make a conscious decision to feed their families nutrient-rich foods and beverages that will provide them the best possible chance at a healthy and prosperous future.

We were also able to meet with some of the milk processors and taste-test some of the delicious products that are available in Tanzania! In addition to the market research, our in-house production studio, DOSE, filmed some families who have seen the impact that milk can have in their lives.

We are honored to do this work on behalf of Heifer. 

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With 20 years of sales, marketing, and managed care experience at Abbott Laboratories, Kristen first got to know AbelsonTaylor as a client. She was so happy with the agency’s work that in 2000 she decided to join us. After several product launches and multiple global campaigns, we’re glad she did. When she is not focused on building strategy for the best brands and clients as an Account Director, Kristen heads HeartsAtWork, the agency’s not-for-profit charity organization.