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Moving On

18 February 2020   |   Dale Taylor

We are making our fourth change of address in our almost 40-year history and we are so incredibly, excitedly, on-the-edge-of-our-seats ready to start our next chapter. The agency has grown, the nature of our work has changed, the industry has changed, and the makeup of our staff has changed. But this business is still about bright, smart, caring women and men working together to create the true stories that engage, inform and motivate patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

For the last 12 years, we have occupied three floors in a Loop high-rise. We thought the space was so cool 12 years ago. We thought three floors was so cool, too. We knew that three floors would present some collaboration challenges, but at that time there weren’t many options for us to all be together on one floor.

But now, there is a place where we are all just steps (not elevators) away from our 300 colleagues. At the beginning of February, we moved into Chicago’s historic Old Post Office.

When built, it was one of the largest office buildings in the world. Over two million square feet designed to handle the city’s immense postal needs, including those of giant catalog retailers Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward. Then the building stood vacant for over 30 years. Spanning one of Chicago’s busiest expressways. Hulking, dark, a little ominous.

Today, the Old Post Office is being called the largest adaptive re-use project in American architecture. An $800 million redevelopment effort has transformed it into a beautiful, completely updated business center with amazing amenities, restaurants, workout facilities (including a full-size boxing ring, which seems like a really bad idea to me), basketball courts on the roof, and much more.

We were one of the first tenants to sign up. Now the building is rapidly filling up with high-profile neighbors including Walgreens, PepsiCo and Uber. It’s going to be a wonderful new home for AbelsonTaylor. All of us in one 80 thousand square foot space. More space for collaboration, more technology, more conference rooms, more social space, more café space and more space to work together on the 50+ healthcare brands we represent.

We are all excited and ready to begin the next phase of AbelsonTaylor. Once the dust settles, stop by and see us.

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As he’ll gladly tell you, Dale Taylor started AbelsonTaylor in 1981 because he got tired of working for jerks. 37 years later, he works for some of the most successful health and wellness companies in the world. By practicing a philosophy of, “Putting the work first” a lot of good things have come to follow. Like more than 70 brands, 6 Agency of the Year awards, 6 Most Admired Agency awards, 11 Most Creative Agency awards, 7 Ad of the Year awards, and more major creative awards than any other medical agency.