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9 September 2017   |   Kristen McGirk

Our philanthropic efforts demonstrate AT’s commitment to being good citizens – not only locally – but globally, as well. And who we decide to partner with and concentrate on, in large part, aligns with who we are: a health and wellness agency that is full of millennials who are the driving force behind our strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The 2015 MILLENNIAL IMPACT PROJECT reported that millennials are passionate about giving back. Cause work is personal to millennials, and it’s an important part of their lives, both personally and professionally. They donate in ways that help the world while helping to achieve their own goals.

To accommodate our changing AbelsonTaylor team and to align with their interests, we utilize surveys about volunteering and try to understand which health and wellness partnerships are important. Based on this feedback, we can provide a full calendar of events that includes such activities as serving the homeless in partnership with the Chicago Help Initiative, working with kids on health and wellness through Urban Initiatives, and providing nutrition and a better way of life around the world through our partnership with Heifer.

We know that this sets us apart from other agencies in Chicago. Determining where you want to spend your time and energy is important and if we can combine work, and opportunities to give back to the community, then we believe we are serving not only our employees, but our community.

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With 20 years of sales, marketing, and managed care experience at Abbott Laboratories, Kristen first got to know AbelsonTaylor as a client. She was so happy with the agency’s work that in 2000 she decided to join us. After several product launches and multiple global campaigns, we’re glad she did. When she is not focused on building strategy for the best brands and clients as an Account Director, Kristen heads HeartsAtWork, the agency’s not-for-profit charity organization.