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Stephen Neale

Stephen Neale

Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director

After 25 years and more than 75 creative awards in healthcare advertising, including 4 Rx Club Golds and 3 Med Ad News Ads of the Year, Stephen is highly respected throughout the health and wellness advertising community. As strategist and leader, he’s even more respected throughout the agency. The snack room in the AbelsonTaylor cafeteria is shaped like a big red balloon. That’s because Stephen Neale, and his red balloon concept, helped shape the agency.

Posts by Stephen Neale:

Transgender Cheetos: A cautionary tale about “social-good” advertising

The Oscars are officially over, and therefore we’ve seen part two of the best in modern broadcast advertising. (Or, as I’ve heard industry people refer to it, the Super Bowl for women. Part one, for men, was obviously the actual Super Bowl.) In the three-month barrage of hype, blogs, essays, observations, viewpoints, reviews, panels, tweets,

The Big Game Ad Pool

For 50 years we’ve been tuning in to watch the “Big Game” (for legal reasons we can’t name the game!) to not only crown the top NFL team, but also to critique and pick the commercials we love the best. And like the Big Game, there can only be one winner. The winning commercial tends

Stephen Neale’s Lions Health 2015 at Cannes Sketch Six

The judging gets judge. After all the winners were announced at the Lions Health Awards, all the winners, delegates, attendees, and jurors would gather at “The Gutter Bar,” A dive down the street  from the Palais des Festivals to discuss, debate & question the work that was recognized. The common theme through all the award winners,

Stephen Neale’s Lions Health 2015 at Cannes Sketch Five

GAME ON! As we spent days indoors cutting through hyperbolic entry submissions to find the truly outstanding work. We emerged to a more lively Cannes and got an immediate sense of a huge importance of Lions Health by seeing the new huge graphics to the Palais de Festivals.

Stephen Neale’s Lions Health 2015 at Cannes Sketch Four

The mane of the Lions Health logo looks like it was designed to mimic the hair bands of the late ‘80s, (think Flock of Seagulls). So I have some suggestions on how to give the logo a new “mane-do” to bring him into the 2010s. Hmmm, on second thought…  

Stephen Neale’s Lions Health 2015 at Cannes Sketch Three

On day 1 of the pharma judging, we saw some work where agencies were using creative & technology to put you “in the shoes” of a patient who has hep C., or suffered a stroke. We’ll be able to put you in our shoes by telling you what we thought of all the work this

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