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New Business Associate - Analysis


As a member of AbelsonTaylor’s Business Development team, the New Business Associate – Analysis is responsible for using syndicated, and primary data sources to generate business insights that have the potential to drive brands and move markets, and to use that data to build compelling stories that help AbelsonTaylor win new business.


Position Summary:

  • This position will be an integral member of the new business team by spearheading the development and communication of business insights, by leveraging the following skills
    • Powerful data analytics skills
    • Ability to find compelling market insights
    • Strong data visualization capabilities
    • Effective storytelling and presentation skills 

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Data analytics
    • Owns and oversees access to the IMS datasets, and takes responsibility for getting the most insight out of them, both in a new business context and making them available across the broader organization
    • Provides analytical horsepower to help crunch large or complex market datasets, including comparison of means, T-tests, ANOVA, linear and lasso regressions, and cluster analyses
    • Has high proficiency in Excel, including the use of formulas to clean and manipulate data, and to perform comparisons of means and run T-tests
    • Is comfortable with performing basic data cleaning and statistical analyses in R (R-Studio)
    • Clearly communicates the parameters and caveats of an analysis in layman’s terms, to ensure everyone using the data understands what it can and cannot do 
  • Market Insights
    • Quickly learns a disease state (clinical drivers and market drivers), and is able to use critical thinking skills to formulate questions that the data can answer
    • Participates in qualitative research and collaborates with the Director of Business Development to help craft primary quantitative research instruments
    • Thinks in an integrative way, to combine learnings from qualitative and quantitative sources and uncover new market insights and provide new perspectives
    • Understands the client’s business, and strategic priorities, and uses these to uncover insights that have business relevance (versus nifty distractions)
    • Stays abreast of major industry trends and shifts in healthcare regulation
    • Makes IMS data insights available to the broader agency (to support existing client efforts) 
  • Data visualization
    • Leverages a deep understanding of the fundamentals of good design and what makes for a clear, compelling data visualization, in order to generate compelling PowerPoint slides for use in high-stakes pitch presentations
    • Knows how to identify what is interesting in a slice of data, and can design a chart to eliminate non-essential details and focus the viewer on the critical datapoints
    • Works quickly and proficiently with both Microsoft PowerPoint charts and Tableau
    • Attention to detail, and ability to consistently execute on style, template, font, alignment, etc 
  • Storytelling & Presentation Skills
    • Organizes quantitative slides to build a compelling narratives that illuminate a market and persuade about a point of view
    • Understands the way various internal and client audiences think, and what their priorities are, and tailors communications to address their needs and desired level of detail
    • Presenting quantitative information in a professional, engaging and informative way to internal agency audiences of up to 20 people, including members of senior leadership


  • Master’s degree in analytics/statistics or equivalent strongly preferred
  • Is comfortable with a programming language used for statistic processing, and the ability to independently program a stepwise linear regression within it (SPSS, R, etc).
  • Has good statistical “intuition” to help direct analytical efforts in the most fertile and statistically robust directions
  • Has a strong understanding of business fundamentals, and familiarity with macroeconomic levers (supply, demand, etc)
  • Is able to quickly learn a disease state market, and understand its market dynamics and clinical drivers
  • Has high proficiency with Microsoft PowerPoint charts and at least moderate proficiency with building reports in Tableau or PowerBI
  • The ability to work seamlessly and constructively with colleagues across departments and areas of expertise, regardless of their level of seniority or agency tenure.



Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate

The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) for our Pharmaceutical Ad Agency is responsible for the scientific accuracy of biotechnology and pharmaceutical advertisements. Since the advertisements are produced for the professional market, all material must be checked for factual accuracy as well as adequately supported with current scientific research from leading journals and publications. Therefore, the CRA primarily works with the copywriter to confirm the content of ads for the medical professional and consumer markets. The CRA also works directly with all members of the brand team and provides complimentary support for other CRAs, all of whom work on a diverse range of pharmaceutical products. This position provides general knowledge of the marketing field as well as a fun and driven work environment which encourages participation in outings, team sports, and $2 Friday lunches. Ideally, one must have a general interest in analyzing material presented in research publications as well as an overall attention to detail. A biology or life sciences background is required..


Director Engagement Strategy

The Director of Engagement Strategy and Analytics will be primarily responsible for providing leadership and strategic guidance for all digital projects and initiatives and RM programs for assigned accounts. The goal is to provide guidance that takes into account the customer journey and lifecycle and to coordinate this with a channel plan that outlines the most efficient path to connect with that customer. Successful candidates will demonstrate a history of creating innovative and effective digital initiatives as well as customer loyalty programs and maximizing the usage of applicable customer data. This position requires a sound understanding of current and emerging interactive vehicles that impact digital communications.

Functions and Responsibilities
Serves as a thought leader in aligning digital marketing strategies under a client’s business goals andobjectives
Directly manage digital strategy team members for all assigned accounts to determine client digital andrelationship management needs and provide strategic framework to answer those needs. Work inpartnership with the agency’s account directors to ensure that resource needs and strategic needs arefully met.
Client thought leader in aligning integrated marketing strategies under a client’s business goals andobjectives; direct client communication to sell in new strategies and executions
Serve as Agency lead for process improvement and other critical initiatives, as assigned
Manage assigned digital and the RM strategists to provide account teams with consistent, valuable andrelevant guidance
Lead efforts to evaluate digital and RM programs and tactics that coordinate multiple customer touchpoints to optimize successful consumer experience
Work with account team to identify opportunities and determine and prioritize project scope andbusiness specifications
Provide strategic insights and support, as assigned, for new business opportunities
Demonstrate leadership and expertise in key digital analysis and performance including GoogleAnalytics, SEO, UX/UI
Provide regular client team education on digital and RM philosophies, trends and insights
Bachelor’s degree in related field, preferably quantitative, business, math or economics withquantitative work experience
Deep background in data creation, manipulation, analysis and management
Strong basic statistics background (preferred)
Broad, evidenced experience in mobile marketing
Possess an expertise in new and emerging digital channels, tactics and media
Experiential knowledge of integrated marketing and digital disciplines as well as Direct Marketing,including testing, tracking and measurement
Superior communication, budgeting, project management and planning skills
10+ years of digital strategy experience
Healthcare and agency experience strongly desired


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