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We started off in the medical space, so science is at our core. We make it our business to understand the science of products. Not just the beakers-and-DNA-strands type of science. We also explore the science of the hearts, minds, and motivations of consumers.

Our areas of expertise include

WHAT WE DO / APPROACHHealthy Motivation

Everyone says they want to be healthy. So why do only 1 in 10 people consistently make healthy choices? Because motivation doesn’t just happen. Motivation is an evolution. At AbelsonTaylor, we change healthy wishing into healthy living. It’s a process we call healthy motivation.

Healthy motivation links the science of health with the science of emotion to develop the most motivating messaging

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The science of health

Start with the product. What makes it the unique, singular solution to the market’s need? Then dive into the data. What do they say? More importantly, what can we say to communicate what the product means to health and wellness?

The science of emotion

Explore consumer desires—obvious and subconscious. Project what needs the product fills—real and emotional. Then identify fresh insights to help drive behavior. Finally, develop the full consumer journey from brand awareness to final purchase.

WHAT WE DO / EXPERTISEWe’d tell you we do everything,
but that seems so limiting

Thirty years ago we called ourselves an advertising agency. We also used electric typewriters. While we still throw the term ‘advertising agency’ around, it barely scratches the surface of our true capabilities.

Today, our clients enjoy the consistency and economies of getting 360° service from their primary agency—the one who knows all the intricacies of their branding, their market, their regulatory process…their everything. Take a look at some of our areas of expertise. If you find yourself saying, ‘I didn’t know AbelsonTaylor did that,’ you do now.

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