A little dose
of AbelsonTaylor

The art of digital. Literally. AbelsonTaylor created our own in-house, full service art and animation company called dose. Bringing these services in-house helps us move at the speed of today’s brands. But more than doing things faster, they enable us to do things better.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of animation, motion design, video, 3D modeling, art, and illustration.


Talented artists? Yes. Technology experts? Yes. Mature and sophisticated? Did we mention they were talented artists?

Mitch Apley

Mitch E. Apley is a live action director and producer who enjoys working on many different kinds of media. Having graduated from Northwestern University as a major of Radio/TV/Film with a minor concentration in Integrated Arts, he has spent years making documentaries, independent films, commercials, television, and some other things he’s rather not discuss just now, thank you. In his leisure time, he indulges his proclivities with pomp and ardor.

Dave Pasciuto

Seven fortnights ago, Dave started his esteemed career at AbelsonTaylor and is regularly spotted wearing a weird glove with an inflatable sword. Prior to this, his travels led him to LA where he was run over by Michael Stipe. After his near-death experience, and sneaking his name into several movie credits, he returned to his Chicago homeland where he stole lunches at EA and worked for various agencies as a rogue pixel assassin. He also teaches in Columbia College’s IAM department, plays competitive volleyball, frequents the comic scene, and draws a lot. He dislikes ketchup, mustard, and as a kid, had to get his stomach pumped due to eating chartreuse oil paint and 5 pounds of gummy bears.

Jack Etheridge

After working as a young lad in London at Ogilvy & Mather, Jack came to America in 1985 and started working in the pharmaceutical advertising business in Chicago. After working freelance for a couple of years he found AbelsonTaylor and has been working here ever since. Fast forward 25 years, dose was formed and Jack found a new home…within a home.

Joel Witmer

Joel joined AbelsonTaylor in the spring of 2012. He splits his time between photos, videos, and animation. He owns a cat. He’s from the Midwest and therefore finds writings about himself deeply uncomfortable…so he asked a friend to write a haiku about him. Here’s what his friend came up with for the short poem. 

Funny sharp witty
A creator with talent
What’s more to ask for?

Ryan Butterworth

Ryan began his career at WOOD TV in his home state of Michigan. After creating countless graphics containing either crime scene tape, chalk outlines, police lights, or a mixture of all three, Ryan packed up the family and moved to Chicago. Once settled, he fell in with the ragtag group of creatives at Farm Creative Parlour. Looking to work on more than just furniture landed him at dose. Ryan loves motion and most other aspects of production. When not at his day job, you’ll find him dressed up as superhero, fighting crime with his kids, or working on freelance design. (most likely dressed up as a superhero)

Colin Craig

After growing tired of shoveling manure and shucking corn in the fields of Iowa, Colin migrated to Chicago in order to chase his creative endeavors. Getting his start designing websites for fried chicken vendors, he moved on to work at High Voltage Software creating video game cinematics. Curious to try his hand at something new, he joined up with the guys at The Burback Brothers working on vfx and animation for commercials. Colin has now joined the ranks of AbelsonTaylor churning medical jargon into creative gold at dose. When he isn’t working on something crazy at dose, he’s probably working on his life-size sand sculpture of the Death Star or creatively vomiting on cardboard walls.

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