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The Big Game Ad Pool

For 50 years we’ve been tuning in to watch the “Big Game” (for legal reasons we can’t name the game!) to not only crown the top NFL team, but also to critique and pick the commercials we love the best. And like the Big Game, there can only be one winner. The winning commercial tends to stand out emotionally, creatively, and (usually) gets the best engagement online. For advertisers, there is just as much at stake to “win”—or maybe even more—than the teams themselves.

This year, we decided to take the traditional office football pool and give it a twist (like any good ad agency should)! Instead of picking out the score of the game, you’ll be picking the commercial you think viewers will like best.

How do we determine the best ad? It’s all about the metrics. USA Today ranks the commercials based on a consumer panel of 6,700 voters, and announces the winning ad the next day.

So if you’re interested, print the PDF called the Big Game, recruit your players, and follow the instructions on How to Play.

May the best commercial win!

Stephen Neale

About the Author: Stephen Neale

As our Executive Creative Director, Stephen has guided our creative group to more than 75 industry awards. An avid sketcher, but not at all sketchy, he’s into contemporary art and being awesome at his job.

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